Hotel Investment Forum 2019

Italy Awakes: How the Largest Untapped
Real Estate Pool in Europe is Coming to Market

Mar 5, 2019 – From 2:00pm to 2:50pm | Room Charlottenburg III (TBC)

Following the launch of last year’s initiative by public, private and governmental agencies to incentivise DFl, we examine the progress made in the last year and present concrete examples and models for investing in Italian real


James Chappell

Global Business Director, Horwath HTL



Aldo Melpignano – Managing Director, Borgo Egnazia, Italy Marco Sangiorgio – General Manager, CDP Investimenti SGR

Giorgio Palmucci – President A.I.C.A. (Italian Hotel Association – Confindustria)

Stefano Nigro – FDI Department Director, Italian Trade Agency (ITA)

Carlo De Vito – Chairman, FS Sistemi Urbani

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