Hotel Investment Forum 2021

The role of institutional investors
in the post-Covid Italian hotel market

Sep 2, 2021 – From 8:15pm to 9:00pm | Hotel InterContinental | Berlin

The 2021 edition of IHIF will look and feel different for the reasons we all know, but what will remain the same is its reputation as the place where deals are done and important industry decisions are made. What you will see at IHIF this year is an industry coming together.

According to our latest investor sentiment assessment, economic conditions improved significantly from Q3 at 54% to Q4 at 74% of investors expecting improvement.
Resilience and adaptability


James Chappell

Global Business Director, Horwath HTL



Fran├žois Droulers – Partner EIDOS

Fabrizio Gaggio – CEO Gruppo UNA

Giovanna Manzi – CEO BW Italia

Stefano Nigro – FDI Department Director, Italian Trade Agency (ITA)

Cristina Paini – CEO LHM

Giorgio Palmucci – President ENIT

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